There are several productivity hacks out there that will help you focus and get more out of your day without breaking a sweat.

Exercising, planning, and prioritizing your daily tasks, meditating, staying positive, and surrounding yourself with people of like minds are all good ways to stay productive.

But are these enough to keep you focused? What if after trying all those tips, you find that you are not getting enough done in a day, then what happens?

For quite a number of people, working in a clustered, full and unorganized office space can bring about a feeling of being anxious and overwhelmed. Thus, productivity as well as the ability to focus is hampered.

However, saving space and keeping an organized workspace has a lot of benefits associated with it.

Besides being motivated to get work done, there is that feeling of peace and being in touch with your work environment.

Whether you work at home, or share a work space with others, you should be able to create a unique work environment that’ll always motivate you to work at your best.

Here are some ideas that’ll help you save space and get your mojo on in your office:

  1. Get rid of the big desk

The trend of modern office these days is to make everything small, smart and efficient. Gone are the days when big desks are the norm.

Everyone is going for the minimalistic space – a small workstation that can comfortably sit your laptop and other accessories.

Getting rid of a big desk in your office will definitely free up some amount of space which can be used to create room for additional equipments or accessories needed.

  1. Limit your reliance on paper

As technology progresses, spreading its tentacles across all areas of our life – home, health, education, real estate and even the office – the elimination of paper can be made realistic.

These days, in many offices, paper is not really a necessity as almost anything can be stored and backed up digitally.

Therefore, reducing your reliance on paper is a welcomed idea. Not only will it safe space, the information stored are safely protected from physical loss such as theft and fire.

Getting rid of paper storage and printing facilities will make your office look simple. With a simple paperless office, you will add life to your entire workspace.

  1. Consider stacking chairs

Stackable chairs are recommended and can safe a considerable amount of space. It is especially suitable for an office that frequently meet clients and team members.

Stackable chairs are modern, efficient and can be kept at the corner of the office when not needed.

  1. Consider using your vertical space

When trying to tidy up the office, vertical space is often neglected. However, they can be leveraged for amazing design options. Awards and trophies could be hung on the wall.

If you have a TV in your office, you can use a TV wall mount to save space. Should you have books to keep, tall and slim shelves will fit in nice and perfect.

You could equally hang your blazer or coat on a wall hook rather than having them being your chair.

  1. Organize your cables

Clutters of cable can be distracting especially when they have to run on your big desk. Having a small office will make it look even worse.

When you have cables running around your space, it makes it difficult to lay things flat. Perhaps, making your cables run in a single big bundles could make them a little eye-friendly.

Since most of these cables are what you rely on – and use every day – looking for ways to keep them organized is recommended. While making them run underground is a terrific option, it might involve some form of investment from you.

Besides, masking or electrical taping can do a lot in organizing your cables.

  1. Remove big office lamps

Eliminating standing lamps and big desk lamps could help save precious office space. Irrespective of your reasons for opting for a desk light, there are overhead lightings that will serve you better.

The use of LED spots or recessed LED lighting will serve you better and eliminate shadows.

You should make use of natural lighting that will bring in a touch of nature, encourage motivation and also improve your overall health.

With these tips, you not only save space but also improve your productivity. Thus, irrespective of where you work – a large or small office – you can enjoy great efficiency with your office space.

Author Bio: Adeyemi Adetilewa is a Digital Marketing Consultant, Frontend Developer and Inbound Marketing Strategist whose articles have appeared on the Huffington Post, Addicted2Success, Thrive Global, Hackernoon and other top publications online. You can check out some of his projects on his personal website and business blog.