Startups that Changed Our Education


Composition with hardcover booksRecent developments in technology and the overwhelming popularity of the Internet have significantly revolutionized the educational system. From simple researching of topics to obtaining an MBA, everything can now be done online. With more and more people and professionals relying on the Internet to acquire information and skills, there are also now a lot of education based sites that are finding success. People from different countries all over the world are showing interest with the current innovation in the kind of education system that uses technologically advanced methods and learning tools.

The list below includes the top 5 successful education-based startups that have been receiving worldwide recognition:

  1. Coursera

For sure, you have met friends and colleagues who have already signed up for a course at Coursera. The site operates Massive Open Online Courses covering different fields of study and areas of interest. What is nice with Coursera is that it gives you the chance to learn and acquire certain skills as if you are really studying in a traditional classroom setting. As long as you have access to the Internet, all you have to do is to sign-up for a class and take time to study. Each course site has its own syllabus, course materials and requirements prepared by the instructor or professor. You can simply choose which course you are interested in. From social sciences, business to natural sciences, Coursera offers a wide array of courses depending on what you are looking for. When you have finished and submitted all of the requirements, the site allows you to an online certificate which serves as proof that you are able to fulfill all of the requirements.

  1. Learnzillion

Another great site is Learnzillion. Unlike Coursera, this site does not only provide lessons for students, it is also a great resource site for teachers. Not everyone in this world has access to quality education. Some teachers are not working enough to ensure that their students really learn their lessons. The company behind this successful startup believes that in order to have a quality education, there should be passionate, knowledgeable and competitive teachers who can teach and guide students. They believe that by educating teachers, they can have a positive impact on the very core of learning. Through this site, teachers can easily signup and have the materials that they can use for their students. Students and teachers can easily signup and create their free account to have access to lessons that can help them improve their teaching standards. The site also provides innovative ideas to help teachers conduct fun, exciting and interesting classes to students.

  1. Voxy

Learning English does not have to entail a lot of costs when there are lots of online resources available. Voxy is one of those sites that is specifically created for Spanish people. Through this site, you can easily learn English language without any difficulty. The site has comprehensive English lessons which students can easily use. Unlike other English sites that can be difficult to understand, Voxy makes it easy for you to understand English and to comprehend the lessons being provided. At, you get to have a more innovative way to learn English. There is also a language consultant that can help you become proficient with the English language.  On top of that, the site also has a mobile application so anywhere you go, you can easily access and read lessons anytime and anywhere.

  1. Beyond 12

Many dream to have college education. But not everyone can get college education considering that there are some families who cannot afford the expensive cost of sending their children to college. Apart from financial problems, some also face unfortunate circumstances which impede them to go to school. With Beyond 12, everyone is given the chance to have a college degree. What they do is they help schools and other educational institutions to see those students who deserve to have college education. In addition, they also bridge the gap between K to 12 and higher education. This is to ensure that students perform well in college.

  1. Inkling

Among the most popular education based startups is Inkling. There are already a lot of people who may have heard or tried this site. The site provides various materials from books to manuals. But what separates it from other online resource site is that it gives the materials in mobile phone and table app form. Each e-book is very easy to use. The materials are user-friendly. Apart from materials that online users can use, Inkling also has multimedia features that everyone can use making it one of the most innovative sites. To date, the site has already ventured in other useful resources and materials for sales enables, corporate training and a whole lot more.

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