Gamification has far-flung effects on the corporate learning. Though, it is comparatively anonymous term but has penetrated in all types of industries and businesses. In this post, I am going to share the role of gamification in corporate learning. Whether it is good for learners’ engagement or falls flat when they need this approach most. This article will open up the ways to find out about advantages of gamification and ease of ameliorating corporate learning. It would be immensely helpful for small-sized businesses to big companies.

Gamification is an application of elements and principles primarily used in gaming for the creative, productive and engaging learning experience. This approach is helpful for learners to apply their learning via real-life situations. Gamification uses game elements to motivate and keep learners engaged.

For example, if you would ask employees about two good things that motivate them, the answers would be likely rewards and identity. It is imperative for companies to enlist all those things in learning strategies which motivate employees. Ultimately, it will build up an engaged and motivated audience. Here, the magic of gamification fits well for corporate learners.

Apart from being fun, educating and thrilling experience, gamification does provide lots of benefits out of which 5 of them are described below:
1- Incredible Learning Experience

There is a direct relationship between learner engagement and knowledge retention. An actively engaged learner has the ability of speedier recalling which can be improved further with gamification. Not only, it will be easier for you to keep information easily but also have fun to learn new things.

2- Amicable Learning Environment

Gamification makes wholly amicable learning environment. It creates a safe and apt environment for learners to digest tough information happily and cheerfully. Learners can easily fit in themselves to the place where they would experience real-life situation to reinforce learning efforts.

3- Immediate Feedback
Information reinforcement is so immediate in gamification that learners get instant feedback about decisions they make. It gives extra time to employees engaged in corporate learning to improve their skills. Responsiveness is one of the traits of the gamified learning which will surely increase the engagement rate of the learners.

4- The Easiest Way to Improve Behaviors

Gamification in tandem with scientific principles paves the path for positive behavioral change effectively. Always remember, gamification is not just about rewards, badges or achievements, it also helps in improvement of your learning abilities. The gamified workplace has trained employees that can analyze and solve complex problems easily.

5- Millennial Workforce

Businesses and organizations are experiencing a drastic inflow of millennial workforce which is reluctant to the traditional learning programs. Gamification-based training is what that will impress learners most to enhance their experiences and learn the nuts and bolts for the greatest advantage and retention of the information.

According to ‘PRWeb’, in 2013, gamification was a lucrative industry with $400 Million, and by 2018, it will be an industry of $5 Billion which is an impressive increase by 60%.

Rewarding and achievement system is not just limited to the corporate learning. Big companies and brands make use of gamification system as well. Samsung awards badges to employees to keep them motivated. Foursquare designates badges to users who check-in through GPS. So, it won’t be incorrect to say that gamification has immense effects on all major areas of the business world i.e. Human Resource, Marketing, Training, Innovation, Productivity Enhancement, Customer Services, and Health.

The role of gamification in the corporate learning is indispensable. It is the easiest way to engage employees and learners. When gaming is an extremely addicting activity, the same way, the elements of games can also make learning addictive. It will lead to better results and positive outcomes with gamified training programs. In nutshell, the process of corporate training becomes enjoyable with ingredients of gamification.

Result-oriented learning is the combination of three core elements which you will experience in corporate training:

1- 70% of the learning comes from real-life cases and on-the-job training. Tasks which we complete and problems that we solve help us in becoming the good learner.

2- Feedbacks and collaboration with role models make 20% of the learning. Employees in corporate training get iron-clad confidence when they are given instant feedback and allowed to co-work with peers.

3- It is the formal training that just makes only 10% of learning. It shows that gamification help in solving crucial problems using interactive contents instead of traditional learning patterns.

When learning becomes a complete fun with zero resistance; it increases the productivity and finding new information gets easier comparatively. Likewise, games with higher levels of engagement are most helpful for corporate learners because they help in increasing the retention power.

The impact of gamified corporate training is lasting and fruitful. This learning approach evokes competition, provides a sense of achievement, boosts learners’ confidence to foster the progress through content, inspires action and ultimately affects learners’ behaviors.

Gartner reveals in its Gamification 2020 report that ‘Gamification is going to have a humongous impact along with emerging technologies and trends:’

  • Personal Development
  • Employee Performance
  • Globalized Higher Education
  • Innovation and Customer Engagement Platforms

Benefitting from gamification in corporate training will enable you to apply gaming mechanics in the non-game situation. Gamification is the magical and powerful tool to build an environment where you can learn things in the real-life situation. All-in-All, it is the cost-effective, trustworthy and easy-to-adopt approach which will transform learning environment.

Author Bio:

Adison Alex is an expert essay writer. He loves to share entrepreneurial and insightful ideas. His mission is to aware and motivate people to adopt changing educational and business needs. He believes in technological reinforcement, equal opportunities for education and empowerment.

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