Societal order and systems require that you get an education before you can be an upstanding citizen. Even more so, education is a fundamental requirement for certification in many fields and professions. When it comes to white-collar jobs, it is imperative that you acquire a university degree in a selected discipline before you can be allowed to practice and earn a living. While there are many vocations that do not require a degree from a higher institution of learning, it must be made known such vocations are not as profitable or dignified.

Expectedly, people are constantly motivated to study law, medicine, finance and other related courses in the university. While these are very impressive careers, it would interest you to know that the future of these careers is fast becoming bleak thanks to AI.

Artificial intelligence continues to make major advancements that undermine any hope of a profitable prospect in the aforementioned careers. With machines being wired to learn and reason, these careers may be hijacked by robots. Office jobs that were once celebrated may become very worthless or even obsolete at least for humans. If you still don’t see the handwriting on the wall, here are some very chilling facts to consider before leaping into any of the aforesaid career options

Threats to Finance as a career: This career ranks number one on this list because it is the most vulnerable to Artificial intelligence taking over. While you might assume that this might be mere speculation, Bridgewater Associates which is a globally celebrated hedge fund operator made it known that more AI machines will be utilized in operations and this will be met with a slash in the number of workers. Just as you probably predicted, AI machines are much more efficient and remarkable in the discharge of brokering operations that their human counterparts. AI machines have also demonstrated unparalleled aptitude in areas like monetary advice and management.

To exacerbate this development even further, there is a growing trend amongst emerging financial innovative businesses to rely solely on AI while offering services that make the human effort totally irrelevant. After considering all of these trends, you might want to refrain from jumping into this career as the AIs have started taking over already.

Threats to medicine as a career: Medicine is a very important profession and a very profitable one at that. Doctors are celebrated as the cornerstone of a healthy nation and this profession is very profitable as well. Unfortunately, many aspects of this discipline are being hijacked by automation and there is a high chance even the more complicated human undertakings in the field will be handled by machines too. Areas that are currently under the siege of automation include radiology, pathology, and dermatology.

AI has proven to be much more effective in detecting and identifying health conditions in patients better than human physicians can.  AIs identify diseases in patients much faster than humans can ever hope to achieve. Imaging is one aspect that has also been taken over by AIs. To overcome the challenge with imaging, prospective radiographers will have to get acquainted with various areas of computer visioning to remain relevant in the field.

The threat to the law as a career: With advancements in AI technology, the prospects of law career will shrink significantly. While automation will not obliterate the chances of human prospects in Law, it will certainly swallow up many aspects of the profession that was previously profitable to humans. It is certain that the process of collating legal files and sifting through will no longer be a job for humans. With thousands of modernized businesses emerging to undertake jobs of lawyers, it is expected that the number of paralegals and lawyers will drop significantly. One area of computer science that poses a major threat to the law career is the aspect of programming. With growing trends, it may become imperative for a lawyer to learn a bit of programming to remain relevant.


Owing to an increasing inclination towards automation, there will be a need for people to acquire new skillsets. While the need to acquire new skillsets has characterized human evolution and civilization, it is expected that the movement towards AI and automation will engender a comprehensive shift. With this being said, it becomes crucial for you to check to see if the existence, relevance or profitability of your career would be affected by automation. If the answer is yes, then you must begin to acquire skills that will preserve your relevance at such a time.


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