Nowadays, trying to combine such commitments as work, social life, sports, hobbies, and volunteering is considered to be a difficult task that frequently causes stress. In turn, according to the American Psychological Association, stress is a physical, mental, or emotional strain that is caused by such factors as the future of the country, work, and money. It can lead to such physical and mental health problems as the lowering of the immune response, weight gain, increased blood pressure, depression, or anxiety. Therefore, it is essential to take into account time management, which is one of the most effective strategies on the way to reducing the impact of the stress of health and life of individuals.

Time Management Can Prevent the Worrying of Completing Tasks in a Timely Manner

Frequently, one of the most common reasons for stress is the inability of individuals to meet deadlines in personal and professional life at the same time. Usually, people are required to perform their tasks at work effectively and in time in order to have positive feedback from customers and boss. In addition, performing the functions of parents, children, husbands, or wives requires people to allocate time as well. Accordingly, the inability to meet deadlines in various areas of life causes stress for a considerable part of the modern population. Time management can prevent the development of this issue by encouraging individuals to spend a particular amount of time for every required task. Thus, the individual will not be worried about missing deadlines in any area of their life.

Time Management is an Effective Possibility to Allocate Time for the Rest

Also, stress is frequently caused by the lack of rest and fun in the schedule of people who spend a massive amount of time on work and family. Effective time management is one of the primary strategies that can help to allocate time for the rest and fun as well. For instance, in the UK, one-quarter of working-class people sleep approximately five hours per day. Such statistics demonstrate that modern individuals are unable to plan their time effectively; that is why they are more likely to face the negative consequences of stress. The average time for sleep should vary from seven to eight hours because the lack of sleep usually leads to mood swings, high blood pressure, weight gain, weakened immunity, or diabetes. Therefore, in order to prevent the development of stress and additional issues, individuals should use the strategy of time management and allocate time for the rest and fun.

Healthy Lifestyle is an Appropriate Part of Time Management

Mental and physical health of individuals are dependent upon each other; therefore, maintaining physical health is a significant measure that can be taken in order to reduce stress. Time management is an essential possibility to save time for exercising that plays a vital role in the general health of people. For example, exercising outdoors is useful for improving sleep duration and giving the body the possibility to absorb natural sunlight during the daytime hours. Based on the information from the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, approximately fourteen percent of the US citizens tend to exercise with the purpose to cope with stress. It would be essential to note that frequently people do not have an appropriate amount of time for exercising; that is why taking into account time management can be considered a useful tool for reaching the goal to reduce stress and improve mental and physical health.

Time Management Reduces Stress by Giving the Feeling of Control

Also, people tend to face the negative consequences of stress because of the inability to control their lives, including daily tasks that should be performed necessarily. Accordingly, such situations are the catalyst for the development of chronic stress. In order to prevent this impact, time management can be used as a tool of control. It can give the possibility to control the amount of time spent on every decision. In addition, people would be able to balance personal and professional life. For instance, nowadays, it is registered approximately sixty-six percent of American individuals who state that they don’t believe they have a work-life balance; therefore, their personal relationships with families and friends can be ruined. Thus, the ability to control personal and professional life can be considered one of the most considerable benefits of time management.


Nowadays, people are required to serve various functions in different areas of life; that is why there is no wonder why stress has such a massive occurrence in modern society. People should perform numerous tasks; however, in order to prevent the negative impact of this lifestyle on physical and mental health, it would be significant to take into account the strategy of time management. It is based on the idea to allocate an appropriate amount of time for various tasks and the rest. If the person manages to create an effective schedule, the likelihood of development of stress will decrease in several times. Thus, the most considerable benefits of time management on the mental health of individuals include the lack of worrying about meeting deadlines, the ability to control and balance a personal and professional life, and the possibility to reduce stress through the improvement of physical health.

Call to Action

In order to use the strategy of time management effectively, it is essential to follow several significant recommendations. First of all, it is crucial to be able to say “No” to people who ask about additional tasks. Usually, the inability to say “No” can be explained by the fear of individuals to disappoint others. At the same time, it is essential to remember that serving an additional function can be considered a useful decision only in cases when there is free time. Moreover, clarifying priorities is another significant recommendation that should be followed with the purpose to reduce the negative impact of stress. If the person serves primary functions in the first place, the likelihood of the development of stress is low. Furthermore, people should allow for flexibility because frequently plans can change with time. Some individuals face symptoms of stress when plans from their schedule change; therefore, it is essential to remember that it can be considered reasonable under the circumstances of force majeure. Thus, time management should be used in modern society with the purpose to reduce stress, improve the quality of tasks performed at work, maintain physical and mental health, and allocate time for the rest and fun. When people learn how to improve their time management skills, they are more likely to live in peace and freedom with themselves and people who surround them.

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