A corporate video helps the public and your potential clients to understand your company, the products, and employees. Basically, a corporate video focuses on your business operations as a whole, rather than a specific product or objective.

Creating a corporate video is challenging. The planning and producing aspect of it is what makes it hard. This is because the video has been interesting and precise to attract the attention span of a normal human being, which is very short.

Therefore, you should make a corporate video that is entertaining, short and inclusive. The following are a few tips to help you make a great corporate video:

  1. The Objective of the Video

Planning to produce a corporate video is not an easy task. A high-quality video should have an organized message. So, make your video entertaining and educative rather than boring content that will put your viewers to sleep. Before you shoot the video, have a detailed plan of what you are going to talk about and stick to it.  Ensure you are interested while airing the objectives to keep the viewer’s up to the end.



  1. Short and Precise

The corporate video should be short and clear. Human beings have a very short attention span. If you make a long video, no is going to listen to it. Make the video as short as possible and talk about important things only.  For example, most YouTube Ad videos are three minutes long. Aim for simplicity.

Avoid using long words and corporate jargons. These big words will add no value to your corporate video. Use words and language that are easy to understand. Since, you know what you mean, try to break it down to your listeners. Also, do not just talk, demonstrate to your customers what your products can do or how to use them.

  1. Use the Right Format

A corporate video is not just about talking. Tell your audience a story. Ensure you tell an interesting story that will evoke the feelings of the audience.  Make the story as creative as possible. The audience will be engaged throughout the video and the story will help them understand your company or products better. Help the viewers connect with your company on a personal level. For instance, demonstrate how your products have impacted the lives of others.

  1. Accompany an Idea with Good Visuals

There are different types of videos that you can use for your business. You can create animated/fun videos, a professional or an educative video. Whichever video you choose, ensure it is high quality. Pair every idea in the video with colored and high-quality visual images.

Remember, too much information on the screen can be detrimental to the message you are trying to send out.  Arrange the ideas and let them flow out systematically. Issue one point at a time.

  1. Consider Your Wardrobe

Your physical appearance plays a major role in whether or not your viewers will pay attention to you or not. People will first notice how you look, then make a decision if to listen to you. Depending on the nature of your company, dress appropriately. For instance, if your company is a consultancy firm or a law firm, you should wear a suit while making the presentation. Your mode of dressing reflects back on your company.

  1. Body Language

Don’t just stand in front of the camera and talk like you are reading out the prime news. Other than the audio and the images of the video, viewers pay attention to the body language of the speaker. Use gestures. However, do not exaggerate them. Be enthusiastic during the presentation but be as natural as possible. Practice the script as many times as possible. This will help you relax. Also, you can watch other people make a corporate video to help you learn how they do it.

  1. Pick the Right Song

To emotionally connect with your audience, you need to use the right music in the video. A good music for your video will keep your listeners connected to you. Before you use a licensed music, consider the copyright issues and the budget for the music. You can hire a professional to enable you make the music.

  1. The Location

Pick a good location where you are going to shoot the video. Things to consider when looking for an ideal shooting location are your budget and the nature of the video you want to make. Consider the weather and the noise as they influence the quality of the video. Have multiple places to shoot the video if you need more than one shooting location. Ensure the scenes of shooting the video are relevant to the video you are shooting.

  1. Share the video

Once you have made the video, ensure it reaches the right audience. Sharing you video on different social media platforms will get the video more views. To rank the video high on search engines, optimize the title and video description.

  1. A Call to Action

At the end of the video, make a call to action. A good ending will foster a good relationship and a further engagement with your potential clients. The end of the video should be interesting just like the beginning.

Sharing information about your company through the corporate video will enable your potential customers to connect with your company on a personal level. If you are planning on making a successful corporate video, apply these tips.

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