Leading your team campaign right requires from you excellent leadership skills. Leadership plays a vital role in almost every aspect of our society today. Should leadership be nonexistent in our society, it would probably plunge into darkness filled with mayhem and chaos. Among the top skills that employers look for when recruiting new staff is leadership skills. Leadership isn’t about standing out or negative competition with fellow teammates. It’s all about working together to achieve set objectives. Having the right leadership will lead to success. A number of tips have been identified to help you make your leadership even better:

1.    Have a Strategy

Leadership isn’t about people following your directives blindly. That’s a perfect recipe for failure. Sitting down with your campaign team and coming up with strategy is necessary. What does this entail? Identifying your goals, setting objectives, and coming up with a work plan to achieve your desired goals. As a leader, avoid dictating your ideas to your team. This creates a team that lacks motivation. Making your team understand what your vision is and how they can incorporate their ideas creates a sense of ownership in the team. Therefore, create a strategy that will help you and your team attain your goals.

2.    Avoid Criticism

Nobody is perfect! Human beings are prone to error. Therefore, it’s expected that from time to time we all make mistakes. However, this does not imply that we can continuously make mistakes without any repercussions. As a leader, your ability to point out genuine mistakes will be of importance. How do you deal with mistakes committed by fellow team members? Do you lash out without first understanding what caused the mistake? Or do you call out the team member responsible for the mistake and have a talk with them to understand what went wrong? Well, the right thing to do is to have a one on one talk and take measures to ensure that it doesn’t happen again. Good leaders understand that there’s a need to avoid openly criticizing team members as it lowers their morale.

3.    Complaining Has Never Been an Answer

As humans, we’re prone to constantly complain about almost everything and anything. This has been cited as a major contributor to failure. Since time immemorial, we’ve always been advised to stay as far away as we can from people who always complain. They tend to create negative energy not conducive to success. As a leader, you’re not to complain but to communicate issues. It’s bad of a leader to complain about your team to other members of the group. Learn to communicate about your problems with them and solve them amicably.

4.    Create a Leadership Atmosphere

Leadership is all about taking responsibility and being accountable. As a leader, you need to be open and receptive of your team. Giving them independence through delegation of duties is a good way of making every individual in the team accountable. Think about these two scenarios:

Team One

The leadership has delegated roles to all members of the group, so that everyone has to provide some input.

Team Two

This team comprises of leadership that has restricted the teams’ participation with regards to decision making.

Team one is more likely to progress in comparison to team two. Why? When team members get to pitch in their ideas and are given responsibilities, they’ll be more accountable as compared to those of team two. So, as a leader, it is imperative that you understand that empowering your team members doesn’t threaten your leadership, but rather shows strength. An empowered team has a higher chance of performing better and achieving more. They’ll also be more accountable and motivated.

5.    Be In The Know

The concept of leadership has been revolutionized so much over the years. As a leader, recognize that you need to tailor your leadership to the modern world. Adapt to the changing world by embracing advancements and technologies that may make your team campaign succeed. The internet is a good avenue for getting ideas. Therefore, go ahead and gather as much knowledge necessary for your team campaign to be a success.

6.    Make Your Team Members Feel Secure

What does making your team members secure really means? As a leader, it’s your responsibility to gain the loyalty and trust necessary from your fellow team members. How do you achieve this? Good leaders recognize that team members need to have some confidence boost. Building your team’s confidence creates a safe environment for them. The leadership dictates that your responsibility as a team’s leader is to lead your team. The benefits of this is that it will be more confident following you, which will end up creating a sense of loyalty and trust. You should also set a good example. If you let your team see that you are capable, it will boost their confidence in you.

7.    What Happens When Your Team Is Working On A Relatively New Project?

In team campaigns, most of the time what you’re trying to pursue is relatively new. As a team leader, you need to be familiar with what your campaign is all about. What happens when what you are doing is relatively new? What happens then? Your leadership approach will need to be different. A good example is decision making. In such scenarios, making decisions on your own might not be the right thing to do. If you’re a smart leader, you’ll design a number of scenarios or experiments to be able to arrive at a conclusion.

8.    Accepting That You Could Be Wrong At Times

As a leader, being humble is a necessary trait. Leaders at times tend to have a belief that they cannot make mistakes. Well, that’s a very wrong perception. Leaders are humans and are very capable of making mistakes too. Therefore, should you assume a leadership role, it’s important that you are aware of that fact and are humble enough to admit the mistakes when corrected. Your teammates will be able to relate better to you should they see that you are humble and down to earth.


So, what does it take for your team campaign to be a success when you are in charge? It’s important for you as an individual to incorporate character traits that could be emulated by the rest of the team. Take being humble and down to earth as an example. If you can accept being corrected by fellow team members, it will make them accept corrections in turn. Your responsibility as a leader is basically leading your team to attain success. Build their loyalty and confidence in you by being a fair and understanding leader.

Times are changing very fast; you will have to adapt to the changing environment by tailoring your leadership skills to suit the conditions. Your team campaign’s success is based on your ability to be up to date with any necessary info and other technologies that may be relevant to you. Create a cohesive team that will work together. Respect for your team members’ ideas and opinions is a good way of creating a good rapport. Leadership is an art, therefore, when given an opportunity to lead, embrace it and exercise it with much passion. Create a positive attitude for an appropriate working environment that will make it easy for team campaign to be successful. Nothing brings order and success like excellent leadership.


Alice Jones is a tutor and freelance writer for Breezewriting, who is interested in education, blogging and sharing her ideas. She also loves inspiring and motivating people and has spent the last 5 years improving and helping the others to improve. Follow Alice on Twitter, Google+, or find her in other social media, pop in there and say “Hi” to her!

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