Earning a Business Degree enables students to develop their business startups. MBA prepares students for leadership roles within a firm to take it to new heights of success. It opens many opportunities for them in the future. The primary thing that bothers students while applying to business schools is its cost. You want to get enrolled in an MBA program without burdening yourself with loans.

An affordable degree allows students to earn for themselves rather than paying off debts their whole life. But practical students look beyond the affordability and towards the quality of education. Students should calculate the cost, quality, and potential return on investment before deciding what school to choose. Affordable options for getting an MBA are easy to calculate.


Accreditation is linked to the recognition of the degree of a school. It directly affects your competitive edge in the job market. While looking for an affordable program, one must ensure that even if the price is low, the value of a degree is not. Check that the universities you are applying to are accredited and recognized by the government.

Estimated Cost:

The second step is to calculate the total cost of the degree. You can visit websites of different schools to estimate the cost of a complete two years program. Now add in the expenses of books, hostel, and other fees. This will give you a clear view of which options to explore further.

Job Market:

You want to choose a program that will give you an advantage in the job market. A good MBA program will give you the core business skills that are sought out by firms. High value is placed on the degrees that are obtained from top accredited universities. That said, your own creative and soft skills also play an important role in professional success.


Check the courses that are being offered. There are some flexible universities who expand their courses and electives over time. This helps you keep up with the changing dynamics in the business field. Reviewing and revising means you are moving forward and not stopping at one place. Development of your skills depends on the curriculum that you follow.

10 Top Choices for MBA:

Keeping in mind the factors mentioned above, the following universities are best options for affordable and valued MBA programs under $10,000.

  1. University of Central Arkansas
  2. Amberton University
  3. Wayne State College
  4. Georgia Southwestern State University
  5. Western Illinois University
  6. Tarleton State University
  7. Henderson State University
  8. Fayetteville State University
  9. Texas A&M University
  10. Eastern New Mexico University

Education is important in every field of life. Getting a quality one means you are securing your future. Along with these schools, there are several online courses available that are offering MBA. A working student may consider looking at the options available online but should never compromise on the quality. Make a wise investment to have a successful personal and professional future.

Author Bio:  Paul Taylor