The world is undergoing transformations and so are the methods to learn, especially in the corporate setting. Previously, the corporate mindset was all about providing work-related training to the employees and getting work out of them. A great many companies are now fostering a culture of corporate learning. Since the organizations have now realized that for them to outshine competitors, a strong learning culture that is aligned with the organizational objectives and goals is imperative.

With 2019 just around the corner with its drastic revolutions and trends, what the world of corporate learning holds? Every web design and development company has paced up their offerings to reach at par with the industry requirements. Let’s explore top 10 predictions that are going to change the entire concept of corporate learning and will be seen influencing strategies in 2019.

  1. Involvement

You must ensure that your employees are involved in every stage of learning so that they feel valued. The more employees are involved in their learning, the better they will respond to corporate learning. When your employees are engaged, they will adapt to changes better and display enhanced productivity in tasks.

  1. Leverage existing employee’s skillset

Technologies have emerged that have made connecting with employees a lot easier than it was a few years back. When communication is strong, skills gaps are identified. This way, your organization can provide them with focused learning opportunities. With technology, an employee’s skill set can be utilized in a better way.

  1. Prevalence of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

A great number of companies are in the development stage of deploying Artificial Intelligence (AI). Having AI in the organization will make the corporate learning process and workability of employees more productive. People tend to love personalized experiences and it brings about positive outcomes. Therefore, deploying AI to learning will prove to be a major milestone.

  1. Involvement of other departments

To give a strong learning message to the employees, involve marketing and communication departments to showcase the learning opportunity as the one employee just can’t miss. It is vital that the company’s key stakeholders advocate the importance of corporate learning and the potential benefits. 2019 will witness every department in an organization working in conjunction to be able to provide efficient learning to the employees.

  1. Gamification in learning

An endless number of companies will be seen deploying a mixture of elements to make the process of learning a fun and lively experience. Gamification learning will be at the top of the list in corporate learning. Other new learning mediums include microlearning, theatre improvement, online videos, etc. The future of corporate learning will be marked with all the time accessibility and access.

  1. Establishing Robotics Quotient (RQ)

This will prove to be a basic learning and measurement area for people in the digital and artificial intelligence zone. 2019 will welcome transformations in the business arenas that will become practical in leveraging the workability of robots.

  1. Training will be replaced by learning

Organizations will start using the word mentoring and growing for learning. This will ensure employees start seeing training and coaching as an additive rather than a boring task they are forced to achieve.

  1. 360-degree learning

2019 will focus on a 360-degree learning approach that includes learning through different technological mediums, developed by #1 web design and development company, and measuring the effectiveness. A 360-degree technology enforced corporate learning experience will provide a vast skillset to the employee.

  1. VR & predictive analytics

The idea of predictive analysis has become widespread since 2014. 2019 will see the predictive feature in recruiting and learning platforms in a whole new way. The upcoming year will witness analytical bench-marking where firms will be seen comparing their performance with competitors in terms of learning. Virtual Reality (VR) will also play a major role in corporate learning in 2019.

  1. Digital Learning

Employees of today are used to digital mediums that shape the content as per the consumer behavior and show related content. In this digital world, the best web design and development company is the one which is tailored to the customer requirement. If you wish to engage your audience on their level, start providing learning materials on platforms like YouTube. You can also build similar platforms as part of your digital training materials by getting a web design and development company that works on establishing a platform for you.

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