Are you looking for a lucrative, secure, exciting career path? It all starts with the right training, whether you’re a recent high school graduate or considering a career change after years in another industry. While not all high-paying jobs require an advanced degree, many do. Consider training, whether a formal degree program or a flexible certification, the foundation for your future career and a means of ensuring you’re on the right path before making any major career shifts.

The Digital Era has ushered in a variety of relatively new careers and job titles (such as “martech”), but there are also still staples. Healthcare has long been a secure industry because it will always be in high demand. Ready to get started on your new adventure? Consider one of these five industries:

  1. Healthcare: Physician Leader. Physicians famously enjoy some of the highest salaries in the industry along with a challenging environment and plenty of satisfaction from helping others. However, it’s also true that physician salaries can vary greatly. Undertake quality training to become not just a physician, but a physician leader. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average physician salary is $187,200 per year and the job growth is slated at 14% (higher than average).
  2. Mental Health: Psychiatrist. A part of the healthcare industry, mental health professionals like psychiatrists address well-being on a different level. The BLS reports that psychiatrists enjoy an average salary of $193,680 with a growth rate of 15%. Plus, psychiatrists often enjoy additional benefits from their work beyond high pay and relative flexibility.
  3. Engineering: Petroleum Engineer. There are many types of engineers, from civil to software, but one of the most lucrative paths is becoming a petroleum engineer. Boasting an average salary of $129,990 and with a growth rate at 10%, which is still faster than average, many applicants have “just” a bachelor’s degree followed by on the job training.
  4. Marketing: Marketing Manager. There are a multitude of options if you’re considering marketing, but Marketing Managers boast some of the highest salaries and often take advantage of great travel and related perks. The BLS notes that Marketing Managers average $124,850 per year and a job growth rate of 9%, which is faster than the average. Marketing Managers may also have specialties, from enterprise to startup expertise or blending technology into their approach.
  5. Aviation: Air Traffic Controller. Pilots aren’t the only professionals in the aviation industry with big paychecks. The average salary is $122,950 but the job growth rate is at -9%, which is drastically below average. In other words, it’s a highly competitive and long-term career. However, most air traffic controller positions don’t require any degree. Some professionals have associate’s degrees, but the majority of the requirement include on the job training.

When considering a new career, gauge factors such as the training. Is it a long-term commitment or a big investment? Do you have any prior experience that might help you advance in the training at an increased rate? Does the earning potential and job growth balance out the time and money you’ll invest in training?

In some cases, such as with air traffic controllers, candidates don’t need training prior to applying. Instead, prime applicants are selected and the employer pays for the training. While that in itself shouldn’t be a deciding factor, it can certainly play a role. After all, a degree or advanced degree or several thousand dollars in out of pocket training is both a risk and an investment. Do the research and math—then make your move.


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