E-learning has taken the education industry by storm. With changing classroom settings and emerging technological tools, it is the coming of age of e-learning to grow. Wecan predict that 2016 will unfold new horizons of this e-learning and it will continue to thrive for years to come.

With arrival of 2016, it is about time for education industry tofind better ways of supplementing education with technology. We reveal here 8 E-learning trends that are likely to hit education industry in 2016:

  1. The Rise and Rise of Gamificiation

With gamificiation already making waves in education world, its use will increase three-fold this year. The increasing role of gamification has reaped better results for educators. Today, educators use game dynamics to engage learners and infuse competition. With more and morelearning management systems using gamification, we can easily predict that it will see ahigherinclination of educators in the running year.

  1. Big Data Will Prevail

Today, Big Data has become a helping tool for educators to trace indicators regarding learning behavior of a group. With tools like surveys, assessment questionnaires and focus groups, educators take direct insights into learning pattern of their students and are able to formulate a strategy according to their preferences. Expect to see a rapid increase in number ofeducators who will be relying upon Big Data to fine-tune their strategy in order get better results from individual student.

  1. Automation Will Assist Educators

2016 will see an increase in use of algorithmic in e-learning. As automation saves time that waste on filtering and sifting information, more educators would want to align their content curation with automation. Get ready to see a growth in educators who will be using automation to help them with aggregation and syndication of course content.

  1. Wearable Technology Will Be in Fad

2016 will be the year when wearable technology will finally become a reality of daily learning process. With its mobility feature, more educators and learners will be relying upon wearable technology, like Google Glass and Apple Watch, to accomplish their daily tasks.

  1. The Future is Mobile

With mobile technology already helping educators with their job, it does not require much of thought process to predict that mlearning will only grow leaps and bounds. For e-learners, it will be a welcome change as mlearning gives them more control over their learning process and help them manage their studies and life.

  1. Personalization Will Be in Focus

With Big Data finally paving its way in e-learning, more education organizations will take an adaptive approach to tackle issues of learners. Big Data will help scholars pursue a scientific way to deal with challenges based on specific problems ofindividualstudent. The outcome of this approach will result in better results and higher success rate.

  1. Educators Will Take Advantage of Cloud Technology

With so many education organizations using cloud-based learning management systems, expect to see more educatorssubscribing to cloud services to streamline their job. As cloud-based learning management system are easy to access and offer flexibility of learning, they will continue to thrive in education sector in the current year.

  1. Responsive learning management systemWill Increase in Numbers

The growing number of mobile learners has paved way for responsive learning management system. Inthis year, more educators will be using responsive websites to stay in touch with mobile learners. 2016 is likely to see twice more increase in number of mobile-friendly learning management system in 2016.

2016 will be the year of e-learning and more educators and learners would want to benefit from its various facets.

Ashley Everston works as a research analyst at Peakdissertation.co.uk. She also works as a part-time QA at an online startup. When not working, she enjoys writing blogs, writing short-stories and fiction.


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