When we think about changing the present workplace culture for adapting new things, new technologies, new business models and much more – we are giving more importance of investing in the learning and development of all the employees at each level. For incorporating a few major changes at your workplace culture, you need to hire and retain your top performers, design career paths for the current employees and boost employee management.

Employee growth and learning are the most crucial parts when it comes to run a successful business strategy. For leveraging all the potential benefits of it to your staff, you need to become adaptive towards the learning and growing in the workplace. This can be achieved when the team managers decide to take an initiative for motivating the employees for learning and helping them in their development and growth phase.

Imagine an instance where you have to trudge into a boardroom for a three-day conference on the same topic that can result in leaving behind a pile of work which keeps the manager drones on. Such a training environment is not going to benefit your company in any terms of employee engagement but drain away their energy and lead to lifeless results. One of the deep business success lies in employee satisfaction for knowing the variant ways of making the employees excited regarding the training. In a study, it is reported that almost 20% of the workers in the US leave their jobs right within 45 days post-hiring due to the lack of well-trained, capable and competent employees.

In this article, we will be taking a look at the tips and tricks for motivating your employees during their learning and growth phase. Let’s get started with.

  • Maintain an Optimistic Environment

It is estimated that a majority of the people spend their one-third lives working and therefore staying happy at the workplace becomes one of the crucial elements of ones’ overall well-being. Job satisfaction is affecting employee motivation where it becomes the sole responsibility of the HR heads to indulge in creating a positive work environment. The optimistic work environment is not just about the office infrastructure or utilizing the latest gadgets; it is also about maintaining the relationships between the employees and workers to inspire them for the growth opportunities.

When we talk about the workplace, it is very easy for anyone to get the feedback face-to-face for taking care of their stuff and organize it properly. However, things go really different when people are working in remote areas. For all the remote employees, it is vital for every organization to make sure how productive and motivated their employees in order to teach them how they can stay motivated at their workplace.

  • Discuss and Develop a Strategic Plan

No matter how positive n employee is, it is vital to show them a clear direction on how they can improve their skills and advance in their careers. Therefore, a vast number of workers prefer to roll out regular feedbacks and suggestions so they can discuss their personal career growth which is one of the better ways to understand the essential knowledge and skills. Above all, it also helps the employees to stay motivated and grow in terms of development. It is to be noted that having a plan will not only get you a step by step personal growth but it also becomes a well-planned employee development strategy.

As the employees need to have quick access to the document for tracking achievements and measure your overall progress; it is an excellent idea to make use of cloud computing techniques. When we are living in a digital era, people feel so pressed for time as they do not wish to waste a single minute; it is important to keep all of your online files on a safe side. Whats’s more of this? Your employees will thank you and feel motivated.

  • Don’t Forget to Compliment your Employees

To keep the employees motivated and directed towards the goals is one of the most difficult tasks for the managers and organization. It is observed that no matter how enthusiastic an employee has begun their new job, over the course of time, they tend to lose motivation. Henceforth, it is important for any organization to nurture positive relationships with the employees using the reward systems.

A question may arise whether your business can afford to implement ongoing recognition programs or you may need to take help of the math for solving complex financial calculations for estimating your potential investment. Moreover, it is vital to remember how crucial it is for the employees beyond the good pay and bonuses to seek recognition. Such employee behavior depicts that you can try on some cost-effective ways to reward employee enthusiasm. In order to motivate your workforce for L&D initiatives, your organization can also offer education funding programs such as business conferences, training courses, and industry events.

An entire blend of both intrinsic and extrinsic rewards should be a part of your general representative motivating force framework. It is seen that the representatives feel increasingly propelled to develop at work and expand their work execution when they get boosted with both extraneous and inherent prizes. Give nearer consideration to how the representatives respond to intrinsic factors, for example, a feeling of accomplishment, related sentiments with the prevailing at an intense assignment and on being esteemed. Likewise, the open door that attempts preparing at work and upskills is a reward in itself, as opposed to an occupation prerequisite.  You can successfully motivate your employees in order to keep the work grow and develop in a progressive way by highlighting the inherent value in learning and growth.

  • Take their Opinions into Consideration

By taking regular feedbacks from your staff will not only get you to know more about their training and development initiatives but you can also use this feedback for making decisions. For instance – If your team employees are asking you relevancy about a specific training module then try to be receptive to their feedback and also you can adjust your approaches if required. It is a great idea to support a culture of receptiveness where every one of the representatives should feel good about taking in regards to what they involve in the preparation and improvement programs. It ought to be cleared in an association that it will be fine for every one of the representatives to move toward you and see about their ideal regions of discovering that are identified with the learning and thought. Thusly, the worker feels engaged with their preparation program and not feel choked out when their sentiments are not taken into point of view.

l  Opt for Providing a Career Path

It is imperative to make a make vocation way and make them known to the entirety of your representatives. By giving an unmistakable ultimate objective to your representatives, you can rouse them viably and tell them the best way to satisfy for a committed development either by climbing in the association or moving horizontally inside the work environment.

At the point when you characterize a potential profession way, it is clear for your representatives that there is no inspiration and motivating force for learning and building up the fundamental abilities for being effective in their individual jobs.  After having a detailed discussion with your employees about the development paths, you may come across that your employee is not clear on what they like to end up in an organization. This can be of absolute significance to mentor your immediate report and help them to comprehend their abilities, qualities, and interests so as to figure out where they can wind up in a since quite a while ago run development stage.

Employees learn more when they feel compelled to and when they are passionate about a topic or when it is required for career growth. When you try to encourage your employee participation in such conversations, you will notice how they are motivated to grow more into the role that you had mutually determined as the best fit for them.


Here, we come to the end of the article. As no one size fits for all, you cannot have perfect strategies for the learning and development phase that help your organization. Because of the sheer effect of computerized advances on the workforce, all the cutting edge L&D methodologies are getting information without investing a lot of exertion and energy.  An organization can always follow these strategies and plans for boosting more enthusiasm among the employees. Till then – keep learning!

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