Japan is recognized as the Land of the Rising Sun and rightly so. It is a land full of opportunities and regularly opens up itself to new avenues of development. With a rise in demand for a skilled workforce and the job market, one can look to migrating to Japan for a promising career and a good lifestyle. This article will underline the top trending jobs in Japan and guide you on the basic requirements to qualify for it.

An Overview of the Japanese Economy:

Albeit an island country, Japan speaks volumes on how the area of a country has nothing to do with its economic success. Being the world’s second-largest developed economy and the third-largest economy by GDP, Japan has come a long way. It has created a name for itself on the list of the world’s most successful countries and has a strong PPP (Purchasing Power Parity). Japan’s exchange rate is quite high as well, making it profitable for FOREX transactions. The most booming industries in Japan are automobile manufacturing, optics manufacturing, and Robotics. That said, several other sectors are flourishing well with a high grade of competitiveness and quality. Japan’s major competitors are China and South Korea that are pursuing similar industrial sectors.

Pro-Tips on Japan and its economy:

  1. The country is the largest creditor nation in the world.
  2. Being a volcanic island nation, Japan has little natural resources to support itself. As a result, most of the products that the country exports are manufacturing and service-related.
  3. Japan has adopted a free-market market economy, which means that the goods and services produced have nothing to do with the Government.

Let us now look at the Trending jobs in Japan.

Top 10 Trending jobs in Japan

  1. Digital Marketing– The world is making the news go viral, and a major part of it owes to the significance of Social Media in everyday life. Digital Marketing has a wide reach and makes for a booming field, especially in Japan. It has been predicted that in the coming years more than 60% of jobs in will be in the Digital Marketing field. Demand for Digital Marketing professionals has risen majorly for FinTech companies in the country.
  2. E-Commerce – Online trading platforms have seen an upsurge in user-interaction. Skilled professionals who can build and leverage consumer buying behavior are much in demand in the Japanese market. Japan has a strong presence in the E-commerce market and Japan is looking out for experts who can contribute effectively towards this field.
  3. App Development– The mobile gaming space has taken over app hosting platforms like Google Play and the Apple Appstore. Flexible and secure payments through in-app purchases are what the Japanese want to incorporate within their apps; with their main competitor being Mainland China. App Development is amongst the most demanding jobs but also promises a great career going forward.
  4. Big Data– Big Data is a trending job around the world, more so in Japan because of its advancement in AI. Data Analysts, Business Intelligence experts, and Data Scientists should look at Japan as an option to build their career. Jobs for these roles in Japan are not just interesting but are high paying as well.
  5. CyberSecurity– With the Internet aiming to be a digitally secure space for all purposes, Cybersecurity comes in as a tool towards further Web development. Japan is on the lookout for Security administrators and Crypotanalysts who can contribute towards making the Japanese webspace a protected one with its advanced technology.
  6. Financial service consultants– The Financial market in Japan is rapidly picking up and is also a rewarding career for professionals in the field. There is an intense hiring activity for consultants with sound knowledge in the area of Finance and Money Markets.
  7. Translators– The Japanese have a vast reach with connections all over the world. To establish a strong association with their colleagues from different parts of the globe, knowledge of their language is a must. This is where Translators have a major role to play in. Bilingual speakers who can converse in both Japanese and one other language (preferably English), are on the hunt for, making this quite a trending job in Japan.
  8. Customer Support (English)– The Japanese are masters in outsourcing and exporting their products around the world. To reach out to their clients and vice-versa, Customer Support has become a necessity. English speaking Customer Support Executives have multiple opportunities in Japan and if you are passionate about your job, Japan wants you!
  9. Teachers and Planners for English medium schools- Yet another profession in Japan that values English speaking skills, Teachers and Planners are given importance in Japanese schools. The country is looking to inculcate linguistic capabilities to the youth, with competitive pay scales and flexible timings.
  10. Financial Accounting Executives– Closely tied with Financial service consultants, Accounting Executives are on the hiring radar for the Japanese. This profession may require you to be well-versed with more than one line of expertise so make sure that you have a versatile background that speaks for you.

So these are a few job opportunities that are in trend in the land of the rising sun.

Japan has a lot to offer!

So make a move to Japan and give your career a kickstart, we are sure you will find and economic and social prosperity there!

Author: Nandini is a private educator, up-skill trainer and content specialist at Japan Recruiter. During her role, she has been instrumental in helping various students and professionals to get a promising career in Japan.

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