Nothing has ever defined the true potential of technology and digital media better than Social Media. From family to business, social media has touched every single corner of our lives. No wonder a big part of the credit for social media’s popularity goes to the digitals. They have always been the ones to embrace technology as it comes. They don’t just use it for the sake of it; they utilize its true potential to make our lives better in some way and for them social media turned out to be a genie in a bottle.

Although digitals are socially driven people, it didn’t take them long to realize how they can use the newly found ‘digital interaction’ to circulate ideas and views around the internet. The digitals incorporated the benefits of social media to help them in managing personal matters and maintaining professional profiles. Consequently, social media was suddenly a powerful tool that allowed businesses to interact with the consumers like never before- A haven for both the digital consumers and the digital producers.

Since digitals are the ones who are somehow born with the ability to make the best out of technology, it really pays to follow in their foot steps. Out of a plethora of social media sites, there are few that the digitals prefer the most. Their judgment is not based on speculations, but on their sharp and deep analysis of the features and benefits.


It was not really the first social network of its kind but it certainly had a distinct edge. First of all, it was launched in the time when the internet was becoming a household name. Secondly, its tools and applications were focused on interactive entertainment. The digitals knew it was going to be a perfect combo-addictive and irresistible. The site now has over 900million users and provides a single platform for both businesses and the general public. The digitals or not shy of trying every single application launched on Facebook. Focusing on their main prospects, Facebook is also striving to satisfy the digitals by keeping them engaged through external websites and mobile phones.


Microblogging may not make sense for many social media users, but for digitals it has advantages of its own. Twitter, with 200,000 million users, is a site that offers digitals the best opportunity to socialize on the go. No applications, no extra stuff, just plain old socializing that is both fast and fun. Digitals realize how important it is to have fun while not wasting a lot time and effort on it. Businesses have a better chance of interacting with a user while staying to the point and concise.


The digitals believe in using technology to save time and effort. They know how to do it while increasing the efficiency altogether. They won’t usually surf from site to site in order to find what they are looking for. They usually go for specific platforms. LinkedIn is essentially a job search site which offers a single platform to post jobs and find jobs. No more posting resumes and opening envelopes, it is all a few clicks away on LinkedIn. Moreover, it serves as a community for businesses to promote and project themselves in a more efficient way.


The digital understands how two is better than one. What users are looking for on the internet is a place where they can find all kinds of entertainment merged with all sources of information along with the trademark ‘interaction’. YouTube is a social media site which merges the benefits of the internet with the appeal of television. The digitals know that a picture is bound to speak a thousand words and a motion picture adds magic to it. The digitals don’t just use this as a source of finding information, they use it as a source of conveying information. The success is evident in the numbers; 78.3 million videos with 200,000 being uploaded daily.

Online Games

Gaming is the Holy Grail of the entertainment in the digital age. From arcade games to virtual reality, gaming has always been an addictive form of entertainment. The MMOs have now taken this to a new extreme. The idea of sharing a virtual world with real gamers is extremely fascinating for digital consumers. MMO sites allow like minded digitals to come together and interact while achieving goals, accomplishing missions and learning together. Happy Farm is currently the most popular MMO around with more than 230 million active users.

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