We all know that hiring people for your business is no picnic. Not only can recruiting be expensive and time consuming, but it’s often hard to find the right people. In fact, the majority of firms report having trouble filling their open positions.

As a result, you need to be worried not only with attracting talent, but also retaining it, as this helps reduce the need for recruiting down the line. That’s why employee retention ends up being at the top of the priority lists for most HR departments.

Building a successful employee retention program depends on many things. For example, you need to put together competitive compensation packages, work to develop a culture people are keen to work for, and also set people up to learn and grow. A lot of these things require time, careful planning, and investment. And while they’re worthwhile pursuits, there are other things you can do that will help you improve at attracting and retaining top talent, such as offering remote work options.

Here’s why this can have such an impact on your overall talent management efforts.

Recruit Globally

Requiring people to come in and work in a physical location effectively limits your search area to the geographic area where you operate. So by offering positions that can be worked remotely, you’re instantly opening yourself up to a much larger pool of candidates, and this will help increase the chances a true all-star applies and ends up taking the position you’re offering.

Another reason this works is because it gets rid of people’s fear of moving. Most top talent will be experienced professionals who are further along in their career. And these individuals tend to have families and other commitments that will stop them from packing up and moving to wherever your business is located.

However, if people know they could come work for you without having to pick up and move to another part of the country, or world, then they may be more encouraged to apply, and this gives you a better shot at bringing this people onto the team. In general, offering remote arrangements allows you to appeal to a much wider audience, increasing your chances of finding the perfect candidate for your open positions.

Demonstrate Flexibility

If you’ve ever had the chance to watch AMC’s Mad Men, then you know flexibility in the workplace did not used to be the norm. In fact, it used to be that you were expected to be in the office unless there was an absolute emergency, and not doing so demonstrated a lack of commitment, which could hurt your chances at being promoted or even keeping your job.

However, things have changed. Nowadays, people expect there to be some flexibility. People don’t want to miss out on graduations, dance recitals and baseball games because they have to be in the office, especially when they know they can do their jobs from home with an internet connection.

By offering remote working arrangements to your employees, then you’re demonstrating to your employees that you understand there’s more to life than work. This will appeal to people interested in your open positions, and it will also give people who work for you more incentive to continue working for you. They will recognize that this type of arrangement is not available everywhere, and this will encourage them to stick around long term.

Commit to Work-Life Balance

Along similar lines, the concept of work-life balance is more important now than it’s ever been. Most professionals these days are just that, professional. They know there is a job to be done and that they’re being counted on to do it. But they also know that there’s more to life, and they want the time to be able to pursue the things they love.

Offering people the chance to work remotely makes it easier for them to make time for their hobbies and other interests. For example, if you have people on your team who love to surf, then remote work could allow them to travel to where the surf is good without having to sacrifice their responsibilities to the company.

This type of arrangement can help you both attract and retain talent. Current employees will recognize the value of this arrangement, and prospective employees will see it as a real perk that they want to have in their lives. And although it’s true you’ll still need to offer competitive salaries, this type of arrangement could definitely be the deciding factor when a qualified candidate is considering your company against a combination of your competitors.

Go Remote Today

Remote working arrangements can be incredibly helpful in your recruiting and retention strategies. Start looking today at how you can expand this perk so that people currently working for you will stick around, and also so that the most highly-qualified professionals will want to come and join your team and help bring your company to the next level.

Author bio: Johnathan Blakely is a writer and digital marketer who has been working remotely for nearly 7 years. Prior to that he worked as a journalist but was office-based. He’s a big advocate of remote working for lifestyle reasons and also the flexibility it gives businesses when recruiting and retaining top people.