Are you pondering over whether or not to renovate your company office? Well, you are doing the right thing. Office renovation is monumental and expensive, but it can be a great investment when done right. Your employees, potential investors, clients, and everyone that sets foot in that refurbished office will definitely appreciate your genuine effort to take the company to another level.

Perhaps business growth is the inspiration behind your intended office renovation. Maybe you now have more employees and clients and you, therefore, need bigger corridors to accommodate the increased traffic or maybe you’ve added new departments and you, therefore, need to add a few more cubicles. Or it could be that you are redirecting your business focus and therefore need a different layout for your available space. Changes are inevitable in business.

If you are yet to see the need for office renovation in your company, it is important that you realize the intimate relationship between your physical offices and your business’ reputation. The façade, as well as the interiors of your office building, communicates a lot about your company’s mission and culture. Refurbished offices portray the image of a successful, growing, and forward-facing company. Remodeling gives your company a fresh look and, most importantly, enhance employee efficiency and productivity.

With that in mind, let’s now delve deeper into the 5 main reasons why you should consider office renovation.

  1. To increase office seating space

As we mentioned earlier, you need to scale up your office space as the number of clients and employees increases. You need a professional designer to redesign the office layout, knock down some walls, and make room for a few more desks. If you have more people visiting your firm on a daily basis, you need to increase the seating space in the waiting area. The need for professional space management solutions will be increased as your company grows.

  1. To boost productivity

Note that space limitation has many negative psychological effects on workers. Your employees and clients alike will be more comfortable in a spacious office, which will greatly reflect on the service delivery in the office. Increased flexibility and privacy on the part of your employees will make them feel appreciated which, in turn, will increase their productivity. After your renovation project, employees will be able to stay organized including during rush hours. Functional work areas and storage facilitates seamless workflow.

  1. Boost the company image

The exterior and interior of your company’s head office carries your company image and helps you make the perfect first impression. New clients are attracted to enter your premises by the quality of your office exteriors. You need to show them the image that you want them to have about your business. On the inside, the interior décor shows your company branding and sends a strong message on your commitment to industry growth. Your clients and investors expect to see your company brand in your office décor.

  1. To modernize the office

Your products and services are modernized and up to today’s standards, but unless your offices are modern, clients will always get the wrong message. A run-down office overshadows all the gains you could have made with an improved office. People can even assume that you are using outdated furniture in the office you are broke and almost going out of business.

Modernizing your office also incorporates kitchen remodeling. Traditional offices didn’t have office kitchens because it was assumed that employees could bring their own food from home. This trend is, however, changing and employees are appreciating the benefits of enabling employees to warm food in the office or buy food from vending machines. That eliminates time wastage and reduces the amount of junk food that employees eat in a day.

  1. Improving company culture

The design of your office tells your employees how you expect them to behave. It reflects your company’s beliefs and values. It helps create a culture that everyone follows naturally without being pushed or coerced. For example, renovating your office and including a conference area where employees go to brainstorm ideas will encourage them to actually share ideas more seamlessly. And if you include quiet spaces where employees go to meditate and work in silence, people who love the quiet will be happier and more productive.


Do you have an idea of how your office should look like? Does that idea align with the vision you have for the company? If you do, then it is time to bring in a professional who will brainstorm ideas with you and help you make the right call. It is important that you ensure that the office layout encourages an office culture of fun and happiness, even as much as you want the employees to work hard. Make the office functional and efficient.

Author:  Monica Gibson